How to do reverse image search

Reverse Image Search

Are you looking for something that could replace Google Images in your SEO arsenal? You’re not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs rely on these easy-to-use tools to generate leads and increase sales. This post will explain how Reverse image search works and why it’s great for your SEO efforts.

Have you ever searched for a specific picture on the internet and discovered that there are hundreds of similar images that look just like it?

This is that sort of image search. Reverse image search uses a type of computer software that looks for similarities between two images; you can perform this type of search for almost any image in existence, but there are particular advantages when using search engines to find image files.

What is reverse image search?

Reverse image search is a process used to find and view images that are similar to an image that is being searched.

Similarity search helps users find information faster by comparing images that may have slight differences in shape, size, color, or other characteristics. With the help of image recognition software, a computer can begin analyzing images quickly and efficiently.

How does a reverse image search work?

A reverse image search is an image search engine that enables the user to search for an image by its keyword and check if it exists on the website.

The suffix -search gives you an idea of how powerful this tool can be when it comes to image searching: you can search for anything from product images to ravines and mountains.

However, be very careful when using it as it can be susceptible to any kind of spammers trying to sneak malware onto your computer through various means.

For example, when using Google Images to search for a specific picture or identifying the source of an image used in an infographic you might accidentally flood the search engine with thousands of spammy images.

How is it different from other image searching software?

Image searching software can retrieve images from different sites and search them using keywords. This makes it possible to find pictures similar to an image you already have.

It’s most commonly used for finding sick or injured individuals on the internet.

The software can also be used to track down files that are being distributed online by criminals or hackers, which can help identify the origin of an image if it has been altered in some way.

How to Do a Reverse Image Search on Google (Desktop)

1. Open Google on Chrome or Any Browser

Open Google on chrome browser

Reverse image search works on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome Browser.

Once open on the browser, Click Images as shown in the above image.

2. Upload Your Image

Once you opened google images, go to the right side of the search bar and click on the camera icon.

Upload image (Reverse Image Search)

Upload your picture by URL of the image or you can either drag and drop it into the search area or by loading the file from your computer.

3. Explore Your Results

Once you upload your image you will see your uploaded photo at the top of the page along with some suggested images and results.


Now, you can see similar images or websites that contain the image.


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