Hello Everyone, I’m Kalpesh. I am a Computer Engineering Student. I spend most of my time in programming, blogging and helping other programming geeks.

I started this blog with an intention to help other students who are learning or thinking to learn programming. I will teach you all the things I have learned, things I wish I had known sooner, and things that you along the way. Are you Interested in Programming/Coding but don’t know how to start? Don’t worry this blog will teach you programming in easiest way. Even if you don’t know anything about programming. I’ll teach you how to learn new language, help you understand Data Structure and Algorithms, and develop your soft skills.  goals is to provide you the best advice I can through my blog, so that you can crack the dream company you deserves. It is specially for beginners. As well as for people who love tech, but live outside the bubble.

This blog is related to programming technologies like Java, Python, PHP, Django, Android, etc. It contains basic programs, tutorials and projects that are helpful to learn programming from deep.

Feel free to ask about your doubts….